Criminal Charges

In a criminal trial, the Crown prosecutor must prove the accused person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is the defence lawyer's job to take all responsible steps to challenge the evidence (both its admissibility and its strength), and to raise a reasonable doubt about the client's guilt. There are many types of defences to criminal charges, but the analysis is always specific to the particular allegations and the evidence led by the Crown.

Our lawyers are familiar with these defences and with the strategy that must inform the conduct of a criminal trial.

Many criminal cases are resolved by way of "resolution discussions", in which a client who is clearly guilty mitigates his or her position by pleading to a lesser offence. Such resolutions are only appropriate when the person is both factually and legally guilty, and defence counsel has thoroughly studied the Crown's case to determine whether it should go to trial.

Our approach is to work closely with our clients in assessing the case and preparing for trial. We feel an informed and active client is better able to assist in his or her defence.