A wealth of experience in extradition cases

Launching an appeal or facing extradition requires skilled legal representation. The lawyers at Martland & Saulnier have extensive experience in both appellate practice and extradition cases in BC, making us well-suited to providing you with a strong defence.

Criminal appeal lawyers in Vancouver

Whether you are looking to appeal a conviction or a sentence, it is important to have representation with comprehensive with an understanding of the criminal appeal process. At Martland & Saulnier, members of our team have served as law clerks to appellate judges, allowing them to have an understanding of the appellate process at every stages.

Appeals are subject to strict time frames and require quick action in order to comply with the limitation periods. We encourage you to consult with a lawyer soon as possible if you plan on appealing.

A wealth of experience defending extradition cases

Extradition, which refers to a person facing a charge in different country and being transferred to that country for prosecution or to serve a sentence, can be a complicated process. Even well-versed criminal lawyers often find themselves puzzled at how to navigate the system.

The lawyers at Martland & Saulnier have extensive experience handling extradition cases. We are familiar with the proceedings associated with extradition hearings and surrender decisions and are keenly aware of how to move forward with our client’s best interests in mind. We work closely with counsel in the other country to ensure that every measure is being taken to work towards an optimal outcome. We have represented clients facing charges in:

  • The United States
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • The Philippines
  • The Czech Republic

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