Bail Hearings

Of immediate concern to the person who’s being arrested is getting out of custody. We take a “drop-everything” approach to bail; we know that the client will not want to spend a minute longer than necessary in detention, and so we work immediately to seek their release from jail. In many cases, this can be accomplished relatively quickly, on the next court date or even sooner if the police can be persuaded to release on conditions. In other cases, particularly in murder, extradition, and appeal cases, it is important to take some time to prepare all the necessary material for a successful bail application; we move swiftly in these cases, but not recklessly fast.

Because an out-of-custody trial may be many months away, it is important that the conditions governing a person’s bail not be unduly restrictive or challenging. We advise our clients how to proceed if the Crown is seeking highly restrictive conditions. We will also communicate with family and friends of our clients, when bail money needs to be deposited or sureties need to be arranged, to facilitate our clients’ release.