Strong defence against driving offences

The implications of charges related to driving offences are serious. With so much at stake, working with an experienced defence lawyer is critical.

At Martland & Saulnier, our lawyers possess the expertise needed to provide a vigorous defence. We have the legal knowledge and hands-on experience trusted by clients across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We know that there is a lot on the line and are committed to seeking out every available option to ensure that your rights are protected.

Driving offences- understanding your options

When facing charges relating to a driving offence, it is important to move quickly. Especially in instances where your employment requires a driver’s license or you need a vehicle to get to and from work, not taking action immediately can result in serious long-term implications.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all the difference in determining the outcome of your case.

At Martland & Saulnier, we take the time to help you understand your options related to:

Our comprehensive knowledge and successful track record speak to our ability to provide clients in BC with strong representation. If needed, we will call on experts such as engineers, toxicologists, and accident reconstructionists to ensure that no part of your defence is left to chance.

We know that driving offences can lead to job loss, financial hardship and personal stress, and are dedicated to fighting for the best possible outcome.

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