Find Out More About Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

In response to the seriousness of impaired driving offences, the province of British Columbia has given police officers the right to exercise discretion concerning incidents of suspected impaired driving. Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP) are a measure that can result in severe and long-lasting implications to those affected.

If you have received an IRP, it is imperative that you move quickly. Working with an experienced lawyer means a better chance at avoiding serious consequences including significant fines, interlock ignition devices, and a lengthy licence suspension.

How Long Is My License Suspended For?

That depends. If you blew a ‘fail’ on an Approved Screening Device (ASD) or refused to blow at all, your license will be suspended for 90 days. If you blew a ‘warn’, depending on your driving record, your license will be sentenced for a minimum 3 days to a maximum 30 days. If you are convicted of over 80, refusing to blow, or impaired driving, your license will be suspended for at least 1 year.

When Does An IRP Take Effect?

An Immediate Roadside Prohibition goes into effect the moment that it is issued.

What Happens To My Car After An IRP?

Following an IRP, your vehicle is impounded at your expense. The duration of the impoundment depends on how long your IRP is in effect. If your IRP is revoked, ICBC will refund the fees incurred.

What Are The Other Implications Of An IRP?

In addition to license suspension and vehicle impoundment, an IRP may result in:

  • Mandatory Responsible Driver Program attendance ($880)
  • Interlock device installation ($1730 annually)
  • Driver Risk Premium ($320-$24,000)

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