Vancouver Criminal Justice Lawyers

When facing a criminal charge as a youth, working with an experienced lawyer is critical. Defending young clients under the Youth Criminal Justice Act requires knowledge of the different procedures and an understanding of its unique set of rules.

At Martland & Saulnier, every member of our team has spent a part of their career focusing principally on youth criminal justice. As a result, we are well-versed in navigating the system and are able to prepare a vigorous defence tailored to the unique circumstances involved.

Youth Criminal Justice Lawyers With Experience

The lawyers at our practice have defended youth charged with a range of crimes, including drug offences, riot charges, and murder. We understand how much is at stake, especially for first-time offenders.

Contrary to popular belief, a charge received as a youth may carry over into adulthood, making it difficult to secure employment or clear a range of important background checks. Working with our team means having experience on your side. We have taught courses on youth criminal justice at:

  • The UBC Peter A. Allard School Of Law
  • The SFU criminology department
  • Lawyer conferences
  • High schools across British Columbia and Manitoba

We are keenly aware of the options available to youth charged with criminal offences, and are dedicated to working towards an outcome that minimizes long-term implications.

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